Christmas for christ (CFC)

Christmas for Christ is a North American Missions effort by which funds are raised at Christmas-time in North American churches to sponsor missionaries and support various ministries in the United States and Canada. We invite you to be a part of helping to plant churches in Missouri and all throughout North America! Scroll down to learn more!

Missouri Influence

40% of all of the Christmas for Christ offerings stay right here in the Missouri District. That means, when you give, you are single-handedly making a difference right here in our own state and with our own neighbors! We always challenge our Missouri churches to give our best gift to Jesus at Christmas time. To give, just click on the link below and choose "North American Missions" and then choose "CFC" from the sub fund drop down box. 

Click here to give to Missouri District Christmas for Christ!

The beginning of

Christmas for Christ

We invite you to watch a short video about how, where, and why Christmas for Christ began!


Resources for Pastors

If you are a Missouri District Pastor looking for other videos, testimonies to show your church, bulletin inserts, or slides, feel free to visit the national CFC website to gain access to all of these things.

Click here for more CFC resources!