Daughter Works

A daughter congregation is:

o   A congregation that has met at least three months as a Preaching Point,

o   The result of the concerted efforts of an established mother church to plant a new congregation,

o   A gathering with at least one service per week apart from the mother church,

o   Under the general oversight of the pastor of the mother church. 

o   Approved by a Missouri District Executive Committee. 

Below is a current list of our Missouri District Daughter Works in order of what section they are in across our state.

  • St. Louis, MO - Spanish Daughter Work

    Section: 2

    Mother Church: Apostolic Pentecostal Church

    Mother Church Pastor: Pastor Steve Willeford

    Daughter Church Pastor:  Pastor Randy and Linda Clark (pictured)

  • Scott City, MO

    Section: 3

    Mother Church: The Apostolic Promise Church

    Mother Church Pastor: Pastor Tim and Kathy Lee (pictured)

  • Monett, MO

    Section: 6

    Mother Church: Pentecostal Life Church

    Mother Church Pastor: Pastor Jarrod and Melissa Jones

    Daughter Church Pastor: Pastor James Dakota and Miranda Jones (pictured)

  • Nixa, MO

    Section: 7

    Mother Church: Harvest Ministries

    Mother Church Pastor: Pastor Brian and Sis. Denise McCoy (pictured)

  • Monroe City, MO

    Section: 11

    Mother Church: Palmyra UPC

    Mother Church Pastor: Pastor Robert Axton

    Daughter Church Pastor: Pastor Brandon and Jennifer Brosi (pictured)

  • Kahoka, MO

    Section: 11

    Mother Church: Life Tabernacle

    Mother Church Pastor: Pastor Phillip Darnell

    Daughter Church Pastor: Pastor Eric and Jessica Krueger (pictured)

  • Brookfield, MO

    Section: 10

    Mother Church: New Life Church

    Mother Church Pastor: Pastor Jeff and Sis. Erin Jo Keck (pictured)